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Cristaldi Vineyards

At Cristaldi Vineyards we have a true passion for artisanal winegrowing. In the vineyard and in the winery we focus on the most natural and traditional techniques possible. We are committed to crafting truly authentic estate wines… wines of elegance and depth,…with a vibrancy and resonance that recalls the living vineyard of their origin. We hope you will find our passion evident in every bottle, as we believe our philosophy promotes the right conditions to create food-friendly wines with true varietal character and a definitive sense of place. The Estate specializes in producing limited production single-vineyard and field-blended estate wines and extra virgin olive oils, hand-crafted in the finest old-world tradition.

A visit to Cristaldi Estate is all about sharing the wonderful essence of the Italian wine-country lifestyle that we have been so fortunate to enjoy throughout our lives. Our wine philosophy has been influenced more by our time spent in Italy than our time spent in the Napa Valley. We favor nature’s methods and prefer simplicity. We value the joy of leisure spent during a visit to the vineyard and winery. We prefer a beautiful and natural setting ….an escape from the frenzy of the modern life. We favor the local, the homegrown, the natively wild. Our aim is to preserve the experience of sharing wine, food, and friendship with elegant hospitality, and to take the time to appreciate it all.

Join us in celebrating the magic of wine. At the Estate we only offer tasting visits by appointment, to a limited number of guests at a time. It comes down to one of our basic beliefs about wine-that it is best enjoyed with a small convivial group of friends. We have no huge commercial or corporate aspirations. Nor do we make wine for competitions or ratings. We make wine to inspire the imagination and to celebrate precious time shared with family and friends. We invite you to join us at Cristaldi Estate to experience the simple and authentic pleasure of life on an Italian farmstead….a place in rhythm with nature, where authentic wine and extra virgin olive oil are crafted as naturally as possible.

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