Day Trips

Plan Your Visit Day Trips

Looking for a little guidance or direction for your trip to the Trail? Check out any of these fun “itineraries” to make your experience on the Placer Wine Trail a true adventure!

Auburn Area

Farm Stands and Markets

Local produce for a true farm-to-table experience

Twin Peaks OrchardsDono dal Cielo, PaZa, Lone Buffalo, Rappé Family Vineyards

Old Town Auburn Farmers MarketBonitata, Lone BuffaloMt. Vernon, PaZa, Rappé Family Vineyards, Castellano (open year-round)

Other area Farmers Markets – Granite Bay, Lincoln, Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville, Tahoe City (seasonal, check for open dates)

Gourmet Eats

Food Truck or Restaurant On-Site

*Food Trucks can be found on Saturdays and some events all along the Placer Wine Trail – check individual winery websites for updates.  Two wineries currently have on-site restaurants:

CASQUE WINES – Flower Farm Cafe



FOOD TRUCKS – check schedule for Dono dal Cielo, Lone Buffalo, Mt. Vernon, Dueling Dogs, Rancho Roble, Ciotti, Smokin’ Barrell



Loomis Loop

Cante Ao Vinho, Casque, Cristaldi, Mount Saint Joseph Wines, Secret Ravine, Twin Rocks

Bring your family and friends for fun using the playgrounds, baseball fields, basketball court, horseshoe pits, bicycle/pedestrian trails, equestrian arena. Or, bring some treats and enjoy the covered picnic &/or small group picnic areas.
Loomis Basin Community Park North – 6909 King Road, Loomis
Loomis Basin Community Park South – 3550 Ong Place, Loomis

Newcastle-Ophir Area

Off-the-Beaten Path

A little off the main trail but worth the effort!

Wine & Ale Trail

It takes good beer to make good wine!

Visit a winery and a brewery nearby:

Bonitata – Auburn Alehouse, Crooked Lane
Cante Ao Vinho – Moksa, Out of Bounds
Casque – Loomis Basin
Ciotti – Dueling Dogs, Goathouse
Cristaldi – Loomis Basin
Dono dal Cielo – Hillenbrand, Goathouse, Dueling Dogs

Dora Dain – Hillenbrand, Goathouse, Dueling Dogs
Lone Buffalo – Auburn Alehouse, Crooked Lane, Hillenbrand, Dueling Dogs, Goat House
Mt. Vernon – Auburn Alehouse, Crooked Lane
PaZa – Goathouse, Dueling Dogs

Rappé Family Vineyards – Knee Deep, Dueling Dogs, Goathouse
Rancho Roble – Dueling Dogs, Goathouse
Secret Ravine – Loomis Basin, Moksa, Out of Bounds
Vina Castellano – Crooked Lane, Knee Deep, Moonraker
Wise Villa & Smokin’ Barrel – Dueling Dogs, Goathouse, Hillenbrand

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Wine & Spirits Can Mix

Wine not taste some Gin too!

Taste Gin & Whiskey at Placer County’s first distillery to open since Prohibition – California Distilled Spirits is in the Greater Auburn area and close to many wineries and breweries in North Auburn.

Wise Road Wineries

Auburn to Lincoln or Lincoln to Auburn
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