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Hill Top Oaks Winery

Nestled atop the foothill of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range; Hill Top Oaks originated the Davis Brother’s shorthorn cattle ranch in 1965. Hill Top Oaks’ vines take advantage of the fertile organic soil where the shorthorns once roamed. In 2016, the fences came down when the Davis family converted the barn filled with many memories into a wine production facility and the first vineyard was planted on the hill top. The vines flourish off the Delta Breeze during the day, as well as the cooler evening winds that drift off the Sierra Nevadas.

Working together as a team of family and friends, Hill Top Oaks released a line of award-winning wines. HTO Winery is now officially open for special events to locals, travelers, and wine enthusiasts alike!

A trip to HTO Winery provides visitors with a glance at the history of the Davis’ historic family ranch and, more importantly, a true taste of the quality hand-crafted wines that Northern California has become known for. All this while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada foothills that the winery is situated upon. Hopefully, we have the chance to welcome you soon and enjoy a freshly poured glass of this year’s vintages with you!

Until then, keep up to date with everything happening at the winery by visiting our website, and be sure to check us out on social media for event news, bottle releases, and pictures of the gorgeous property. Cheers!

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